Best Places in Seattle, WA

Have you ever visited the town where Kurt Cobain lived and eventually died? Aberdeen, Washington is just outside of Seattle. We recently visited the booming town and realized some key points about the area and the culture.

  1. Seattleite’s really loves their coffee. See our photos of the natives while they bum rush the streets for their caffeine fix.
  2. It’s not as dark and gloomy as I had pictured the state. Seattle is filled with activity and life, especially around 3pm when the natives are picking up their second batch of coffee.
  3. The music scene is vibrant.

Seattle, Washington has shown to be a town of night owls and music snobs, but it’s still quaint and not overexposed quite yet. The locals are especially amused by the punk scene that is still alive and well – although their founding fathers aren’t quite the same. If you’re looking for a great place to stay, The Fairmont Olympic Hotel is well-known for its numerous guests. Decked out with its luxurious furniture and buffet food, it’s definitely the first stop to make and drop off your bags.

The second pit stop I would recommend is the Space Needle. We went up to the observation level and were mind-blown. The view is clear and beautiful, overlooking the rest of Seattle and what seems like the world. Same thing with the Museum of Pop Culture – what a cool place to visit if you’re a Trekkie¬†or just a fan of American culture.

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