Travel Destination: Apple Picking Spots In USA

Apples by far are the most popular fruit in the USA. You can buy it anywhere and is offered anywhere. From the school’s cafeteria to being used s part of a delectable apple pie, smells yummy!  Haven’t you ever imagine picking up the apples instead directly from the fruit rather than just buying it. As a tourism guide , I know the best places! If you’re up for an adventure of apple picking, here are some list on where to go for your next travel adventure.

Stribling Orchard, Markham, Virginia

Located near the Shenandoah River in Virginia,  Stribling Orchard is a renowned farm its history is uniquely interesting with the state’s colonial roots. Built in the mid-1700s for the main house on the property was where apple trees began being planted not long after. The orchard today presents a wide variety of pre-picked and pick your own apples whichever you prefer when you visit. Not only limited to apples but this farm also offers honey from its own beehives. Guests here are encouraged to do picnicking on the grounds and as you do, look out for a member of the Stribling family, which has owned the land since 1819.

Sky Top Orchard, Flat Rock, North Carolina

North Carolina is the location of some of the country’s best apple orchards. As its name suggests,  Flat Rock’s Sky Top, which is situated on one of the area’s highest peaks, at 2,900 feet, is the most significant in the area. All while taking in a 10-mile panoramic view, enjoy a variety of pick your own apples moment while checking the orchard’s collection of farm animals.

Brightonwoods Orchard, Burlington, Wisconsin

In a state that boasts some 7,400 acres of orchard land, artisanal solid ciders and a two-story tree house set Brighton Woods Orchard apart. Provided with a helpful online table identifying early, mid, and late season picks, the orchard provides several dozen types of apples. One will surely enjoy their visit to this Wisconsin apple farm.

Johnson Orchards, Yakima, Washington

An “oasis for apple cultivation” in a state that serves up more than 50 percent of America’s apples each year, the Johnson Orchards is located in Yakima County, Washington. Established not long after the area got its first railroad stop, with a history dating back 100 years, the orchard features, in addition to Gala, Ginger Gold, and Honey Crisp apples. This farm also offers peaches, apricots, plums, and other fruits which you can enjoy fresh and buy somewhere you can bring it home. Upon visit, try their pie as well aside from apple picking activity.

Deardorff Orchards, Waconia, Minnesota

Deardorff Orchard in Minnesota is a family-owned farm that caters to both kids and adults. Deardorff sounds like a Harry Potter character indeed. Visit this place to enjoy apple picking, go for tractor rides, and watch the farm animals. You can also experience for the tastings at the property’s own Parley Lake Winery.